Sudbury House is a place of community,
a place of belonging, being and becoming,
where people feel accepted, safe and
free to develop and grow.
We hope you feel welcome to drop in for a cuppa and check out the wide range of activities that are happening here…

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The ‘Empowering Communities Program’
is about re-framing our challenges to find new opportunities and looking with fresh eyes at the needs of our people around
us, generated through a continuous flow
of ideas from the grassroots. All our activities are focused on deeply understanding and meeting changing
needs of our community. 

Through this model we are hoping to
build a community to deliver tangible
and emotional value, through
Sudbury House and the local community working together to solve collective challenges. Thus, creating bonds of trust and to discover new sources of growth. 

Quarterly news to parents and the community, informing you about the Sudbury Community House, Sudbury House Early Learning Centre and advising of important changes.

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Our organisation is committed to child safety. We have zero tolerance of child abuse.