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Tricia Flynn-Scrutton
Trish is an Elder from the Northern Territory (Woolwonga region) who came to Western Australia in 1986. 

She graduated from Yorgum (Aboriginal Counselling Services) as a foundation member working in the Mirrabooka Migrant Resource Centre.  She moved on to Mission Australia as a SHAP (Supported Housing Accommodation Program) worker as well spending time at Ab Music as a student support/counsellor and has remained on the board. 

She also worked for Anglicare as a Post Suicide Counsellor and worked at Wadjak as an Administrative Officer and mentor in the Tree of Life program.  Tricia is involved on a volunteer basis with ‘The Compassionate Friends’ (Bereavement of a Child or Grandchild), the Inglewood, Mirrabooka and Noranda Lions Club and the Northern Suburbs Community Legal Service Board. 

Currently Tricia is a Board Member of the Sudbury Community House Assoc. Inc and a member of the Sudbury House Friendship Group. 

Over many years Tricia has experienced many of life’s ups and downs and learned many skills along the way, being involved in a vast area of community based organisations. 

 Tricia believes that in counselling, she has found her niche and fulfillment and continues to share her knowledge and experience even though retired.