Our Place

Neighbourhood Houses
Our Sudbury Community House
Celebrates Belonging

Inclusiveness is our nature here at Sudbury Community House,
which reflect the needs and aspirations of our community
and provide activities in response to community input where everyone is welcome
knowing that we care for their social health and wellbeing.  
Our community family are encouraged to help in the Centre’s organisation, management and use.

Sudbury Community House is a Neighbourhood Centre that is a vibrant hub of the community,
a place of friendships, formed and nurtured, where people of all ages
and all walks of life can really feel that they belong .

A sense of belonging and family is why Neighbourhood Centres like ours is referred to by  people as
‘It feels like home’; a welcoming space where everyone can feel a part of something: a place to belong.

A place of Community; a place of belonging, being, and becoming
where people feel accepted, safe, and free to develop and grow.

We encourage you to be apart of the Sudbury Family community… 

Call us on 9344 8011 to see how you can connect to the Sudbury Family.