NAIDOC 2017 2

The Sudbury House Connection

We at Sudbury House are very proud of our team and we would like to introduce you to our other

NAIDOC Winners


Trish Scrutton a member of the Sudbury House Friendship Group awarded 


Mirrabooka NAIDOC Elder of the Year 2017  Citation…

Trisha has been an active community member for many years.  She is a member of the City of Stirling Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group where she has been of great assistance and providing guidance and knowledge. Trisha contributions have enable the City of Stirling to develop and begin to implement a range of initiatives to foster reconciliation and build relationships to the Aboriginal Community. Trisha is tireless in her volunteer work to support the Aboriginal community and is and Elder representative on many other committees.

Her commitment to sharing the Aboriginal Culture and the history within the community is well known and she is a strong advocate for reconciliation and a champion for the Aboriginal Community. Congratulations Trisha…





Bernard Riley a counsellor who is based at Sudbury House awarded 

Mirrabooka NAIDOC Community Member of the Year 2017  Citation…

Mr Riley has been a valuable asset to Sudbury House,  his experience and knowledge makes him a great advocate and  mentor for the ladies at Sudbury House.  He is a dedicated mentor and humanitarian who thrives on helping individuals in their struggles against hurdles and barriers to accessing education.




His commitment for sharing the Aboriginal culture and sharing his knowledge, life skills and guidance to improve the future outcomes for his community is well known throughout the community. Congratulations Benard.








Braydon Garlett a dancer and a mentor in the Tree of Life program a joint program of Wajak and Sudbury House awarded 


Mirrabooka NAIDOC Youth of the Year 2017 Citations…

Braydon Garlett is a 16 year old Aboriginal male who attends Balga Senior High School and lives in the northern suburbs of Perth.

Already he is an inspirational role model for young Aboriginal people in his community.

He has been a leader at his school in the last few years with an example being that he formed a dance group that focuses on traditional dances from the Noongar Culture. He suggested the idea of a dance group and has encouraged other boys at the school, who were quite shy and hesitant at first, to get together and learn these dances.





Braydon has also been involved in teaching language and dance to young Aboriginal boys who are in the care of the Department of Child Protection and Family Support through the Tree of Life Mentoring Programme at the Wadjak Northside Community Centre.

Through this he is teaching these boys their culture and supporting them to have pride in their Aboriginality and confidence in themselves. They are all growing enormously through this and learning from Braydon eventually become young leaders themselves.

Braydon is a great example of a young person who gives a great deal back to his community. He is motivated by making a difference. He is a wonderful role model and has a great future ahead of him.




Congratulations to Trish, Bernard and Braydon… Fantastic Effort…