Muffins Cooking Friendship Group

Community @ Sudbury House On Tuesday 14th August 2018 at Sudbury House the Friendship Group came together to have some fun making Muffins. Firstly, we had to prepare ourselves to cook, we washed our hands, we put on aprons, hair nets and food handling gloves. We learnt what utensils we would need like, wooden spoon, tablespoon, measuring cup, bowl and baking trays. We learnt we had to grease the baking dishes Then started putting the ingredients in the bowl, Sifted flour, choc drops, margarine, sugar and vanilla essence. We all shared the tasks of placing ingredients and stirring the mix and filling the trays. After a short time in the oven they were ready to enjoy with a favourite drink. Ramona, Young, Jason and Stuart really enjoyed this experience. If you are at a loose end, looking for something to pass the time in a warm, friendly atmosphere, why not come join us, have some laughs, get connected. Next Cooking Session is 28th August 10 am till 12 noon Sudbury House 30 Chesterfield Rd Mirrabooka