Friendship Group

Mel Trish Yung Ramona Friendship Group

Community Experiences…

Sudbury House

Mel “Me I have been coming about a year and a half”
Yung “About 3 months” Ramona “about six weeks” (Yung Carer)

Trish “Friendship, Craft ideas” Mel “Sanity”

Trish “Teaching new skills”. “I think I have helped people with new skills that I have been showing people”.
Ramona “I have contributed some ideas thoughts and ideas”
Mel “I think being at Sudbury I have gotten a fair bit out of it since I started”. “I started off with the playgroup and then joined in with the Friendship group when it started”.

Trish “Now we have Market Day”

Mel “Market day and some other activities that we have going on”.

Trish “It’s a really good Hub”. “It’s such a great place to belong to”. “Always welcoming”.
Ramona “I am here to support Yung but I really look forward to Tuesdays”. “I enjoy the communication that we have and the friendship that we have”. “Yung could be really doing other things with her time but she really loves coming to Friendship group and she has chosen to do this with her time and that is really important for her”.
Trish “and we enjoy her company too”.
Yung `Hands up and out with a fantastic smile`

Mel “and as you can tell very happy and bubbly”

Mel Trish Yung Ramona…