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Mel’s Story

Mel is a qualified early year’s educator and has recently taken a position in the newly established Sudbury House Long Day Care centre.

I’ved lived in Mirrabooka area for a while but I had never heard of Sudbury house or what it offered.  I am married and have a little boy now which make it more difficult to find employment that I find fulfilling and also accommodate my family commitments.  I have recently had some challenges in my personal life and struggled with stress and anxiety.

I have only worked at Sudbury house a sort while but from the very first day I felt a real sense of belonging as I was welcomed by all of the team.  The team is a multicultural team all willingly ready to share their diverse unique knowledge and experience with me.  This has helped me understand the history of Sudbury house and the Mirrabooka area as well as Sudbury’s vision and plans for the future.  It’s a pleasure to come to work every day as there is openness and transparency in the way the team works.  Also from day one I noticed how every child is treated with the utmost respect and all families are welcomed and valued.

We wear our own clothes not uniforms, I find this maintains my individuality and helps provide that warm homely environment children need.  I feel appreciated in my role as an educator and find Virginia and Ralph great role models as leaders.  They really listen to staff working with them to find solutions.  On the organisational side of things questions are answered and queries are followed up on.  There is fairness and equality as to how everyone at Sudbury hose is treated and management work as flexibly as they can with staff.  I have been able to negotiate Friday afternoons off to spend extra quality time with my little boy.

Sudbury House has changes my life and I feel happier and healthier than I have done for a long time.  My stresslevels have reduced and I no longer have panic attacks.  I feel like I have my  `Mojo` back.

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